Partners in Organizing, Developing & Marketing Innovation
Corporate Entrepreneurship Consulting for High Tech
Integrating corporate Organic Growth with Acquisition Strategy
Engagement Process

Co-Innovators is a boutique consulting firm.  Our expertise is helping clients develop a robust innovation engine…from creative spark…to effective commercialization.

We help clients organize for organic growth – innovating & co-innovating disruptive technologies within corporate environments or mid-stage startups…navigating through the

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Our Mission

Co-Innovators’ mission is to provide consulting expertise to corporations bring meaningful innovation to market.  

We are dedicated to providing coaching and leadership to corporations as they organize for successful organic growth in

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Co-Innovators’ founder, Mark Van Order, is completing a book focused on the practice of Corporate Entrepreneurship leveraging a 30 year career in high tech.  The book is currently in editing with an expected publication date of June 2014.

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