About Co-Innovators

…and why it’s not about entrepreneurship and innovation.

Innovations occur faster than we can profitably commercialize them. Entrepreneurs experience a 90% failure rate* along the path toward commercialization.

The problem isn’t figuring out how to make organizations more innovative. The problem is knowing which innovations have value. Which innovations will disrupt? How will disruptions affect existing businesses? When should your business lead disruptions or position itself to leverage pending disruptions.

Co-Innovators helps companies design growth strategies within the context of disruption.  Focusing on organization design as one of the stepping stones for innovation success, Co-Innovators works with businesses to develop frameworks for successful discovery, launch and incubation.

With a supportive organizational structure in place, Co-Innovators works with boards and innovation leaders to evaluate portfolios, develop growth strategies and launch new businesses. The outline of this work is described in the book Shifters.

Co-Innovation is one of the elements that makes our company unique. With the pace of innovation increasing exponentially, historic models struggle to keep commercialization synced with innovation. Co-innovation is a process that brings together domain experts to accelerate development and time to market.

Co-Innovators focuses on clean energy and clean technologies.

*Forbes, Jan 16, 2015