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Co-Innovators Publications
Shifters: Corporate Investing and Disruptive Change

Released January 4, 2016

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Why has Uber disrupted the low-tech taxi industry? Why has Apple displaced giants like Nokia in the mobile phone industry? Why has Amazon disrupted the IT industry with cloud computing? Why do these disruptions appear to be occurring more frequently…and why are IBM, HP and Dell fighting for relevance in a technology driven world?

Shifters investigates the struggle existing business models face in a world of rapidly accelerating technology development. It provides a framework for analyzing business investment against this backdrop of disruption.

Business leaders navigating this rapidly changing landscape benefit from insights of a 23-year veteran in high tech corporate entrepreneurship. Building on a simple, clean framework, Shifters describes methods for analyzing how well companies are positioned to lead disruptive shifts. It also shares concepts for organizing, evaluating, and selecting shift opportunities to avoid being another business casualty.

Shifters provides insights to the most fundamental forces driving today’s business decisions.